Let us all embrace this respectful way of greeting during this pandemic and in the future!

I made this small bronze hand specially for the woman for woman foundation. 

A non profit organisation who helps woman in Nepal who suffer health issues and specially pelvic , prolapse problems.

I am also a nurse and have been several times with the foundation in Nepal. I feel very blessed that I am part of this organisation and can contribute to the health of other woman.

Buy the hand for € 160 and I will donate half € 80 to the foundation.


More information ? please send me an email


As my work got bigger and bigger I needed new material. Zinc is the perfect solution for me.

I mastered my solder skills and now I only need help to weld the stainless steel armature that is inside.

This enables me to make big sculptures for outside. This grey colours differently every day as the weather changes.

The sculptures are movable objects, the wind changes its position.

They are an attraction in your garden! Enjoy the different sculptures. 

Questions? mail me!